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A royal office? At first glace, it might seem that this inconspicuous room doesn't hide any secret. However, you will find out very quickly that the knowledge, hidden in this room, will direct you, step by step, into the dark recesses of the human soul. Is someone else hidden behind it? You won't escape until you solve the case of a secret password.


What do you say about the world of inventions and scientific experiments? Had they caused that the key has vanished? Edison, Tesla - be like them! Bring back the shape of matter and get out of the room!

Twin Peaks

To escape? But where ?! Will this story have a happy end? In this space, there is no time. Not everything here is like in the real world. Entering this place, you experience the intricacies of Laura Palmer's mind. - I want to escape - she said. - Do you want it too?


There was a bloody butcher who used to live in this tenement house many years ago. He met his victims in various situations, gradually earned their trust, invited them over, only to deliberately kill them, and cut and process their bodies. When his secret came out, he spent many years in prison. Now he is back. Are you going to end up like all the other guests of the butcher, or can you break this bad streak and escape?

Getting out of the room – Cracow and its mysteries

You're only have 60 minutes to get out from the room, totally unreal room. Within this time you've got to solve a lot of riddles and find a key which allows you to get out of escape room. Cracow has always been a mysterious place, full of magic. Now you've got the chance to feel it with a double power!

Escape Room for companies

Let Me Out Cracow Escape Room is the perfect entertainment for the integration company. These are the Escape Room in office, during training trips and corporate picnics outdoors. Depending on the needs guarantee great fun, provide effective team building, and above all integrate in realizing the vision and strategy of the company.

Escape Room Cracow
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